Contemporary Artist Sculptor of Metal

The richness and the beauty of the metal embodies a vibrant energy that creates a powerful presence




Yolanda Winfield

1972, South Africa


Yolanda is a self taught artist and she works exclusively with metal. 

Her first introduction to metal work was in England, 2002.  She found employment at a boat yard, and over a period of 10 years working in the boat building industry, she acquired many engineering skills that form the foundation of her artwork today.  After a total of 20 years living in the UK, Yolanda returned to South Africa for family reasons.  Due to difficulties in finding employment as a women in the SA construction industry, she turned her hand to making steel sculptures instead.  The sculptures are constructed using mild steel in the form of round bar. Hundreds of individual pieces are welded together and polished to a high shine to create unique one of a kind works.


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